We invite you to the webinar!!!

We invite you to the webinar!!!

November 3, 2023 at 8 p.m. (Kyiv time)

Continuing the topic raised at the War Trauma Rehabilitation Conference, we offer you the webinar "Volunteering as a new type of emotional dependence" based on the report of psychotherapist, volunteer, vice president of Foundation UNION - Anna Miroshnychenko.

During the webinar, we will cover important points:
1. Who were the volunteers before the war, their injuries and achievements
2. How people come to volunteer, and what drives them besides helping in the war
3. How the principle of work "Who, if not us and 24/7" is formed
4. How the initial stages of RCP, burnout and entry into minor depression in volunteers and suicidal thoughts are formed
5. How communication has changed in families where there are military personnel and volunteers - everyone has their own duty and vocation
6. Formation of devaluation of society, where people live as if there is no war in the country
7. The example of Israel and the IDF system as a unit and joint struggle
8. "What will happen when the shots stop", how to return to a peaceful life and where you can use your volunteer practice in your work further

The meeting will be held on the Zoom platform.

The format of the meeting is mixed - a lecture part followed by a discussion.

Considering the presence of colleagues from Israel, the language of the lecture is Russian, the discussion and dialogues are in any language convenient for you - Ukrainian, English, Russian.

The duration of the meeting is 2 hours

In the course of the lecture, there will be a division into rooms for completing the task.

It is especially relevant for the joint presence of volunteers and psychologists to form a joint community of help, as well as for all those who work on the psychological and pedagogical front.

Admission to the event is free, by appointment:

For those wishing to receive a certificate of participation in the webinar from the international Hibuki-therapy project, please do the following:
1) to support the activities of the network of charitable rehabilitation centers "Kinder Velt" with a personal donation (that is, indicate your name and surname) from UAH 100:
2) save the receipt
3) provide your contact information through the Google form:

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