Interview for the agency "Південь Медіа"

Air alarms, explosions, arrivals... Unfortunately, this is our present reality. Children are the most vulnerable to it. Those who were torn from their native home and taken out of the occupation. Those whose father is at the front. Those who wake up to sirens, who run instead of playing to the basement of the bomb shelter...

Psychologists and art therapists of the network of Kinder Velt children's charity centers help children overcome their fears and improve their psycho-emotional state. The centers are already operating in 4 cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv and Kropyvnytskyi.

The Southern Media Network visited the Kinder Velt center in Odesa, which is located in the "Athens" shopping center. We spoke with the head of the charitable institution, parents, saw with our own eyes a group class with children and received advice from experts:
🔴 How to tell children about the war?
🔴 Are there any prohibited topics during the war?
🔴 How to work with triggers in children?
🔴 What problems do the children of immigrants face?
🔴 How to tell children about death if a loved one has died?

Kinder Velt assures that the center's resources are sufficient for all children who need help. Friends, including Israeli partners, business structures and charitable organizations, help the charitable network to exist, operate and develop.