We invite you to a movie night!!!

We invite you to a movie night!!!

Yes Yes! It's a movie night.

After all, the project already has a film history!

On October 6 at 8:00 p.m., the premiere of the cartoon about Hibuki and the power of his hug will take place.

Also, at the event, we will raffle off the book "Hibuki: Body Armor for a Child's Soul" signed by the author Dafna Sharon-Maksimov and other gifts. And we will announce further measures. We have prepared a lot of interesting things for you! So, we invite you to evening gatherings.

Admission to the event is free, by appointment:

The raffle of gifts will take place among those who support the activities of the network of charitable rehabilitation centers Kinder Velt with a donation of UAH 100 or more.

Rules for participation in the draw:
- make a personal donation (that is, enter your name and surname)
- save the receipt
- write in the comments "I'm in a hurry for a movie night"
- be present at the draw

Before meeting!!!