We are glad to announce that from Monday the new doors of "Kinder Velt" will be open in Kyiv!🎉

In the space of "STL-Kyiv" we are opening an updated children's charitable rehabilitation center!

Our practical and clinical psychologists will be happy to see you.

If your child needs psychological help, you feel anxiety, fear or other psychological difficulties in him - contact us, qualified specialists will conduct a consultation and provide effective recommendations!

📞 You can find out more information at the contact number:
+380 96 540 25 57

🌈Our address:
Kyiv, str. Zhilyanska 50B, "STL-Kyiv" center, entrance through the arch.

Hibuki's warm hugs and our psychologists are waiting for you!❤️

"Don't leave your child alone with the war" - "Kinder Velt"