3.08 Kinder Velt in Kyiv visited

3.08 Kinder Velt in Kyiv visited the Black Sea Games with an honorable mission! 🌿It was at them that we met psychologist Svitlana Kovalova, who introduced and organized a meeting with the Sunny Children of Kherson region☀️The children survived the occupation and flooding, so we were obliged to present them with a faithful a friend who will always protect them! We met the Hibuki of our specialists Yulia and Victoria, and happily wrote letters to their guardians🙈After communication and games, each child was able to receive and hug his faithful friend❤️We are sincerely grateful to Ms. Svitlana and Irina Khanikova (head organization "Sunny children of the Kherson region") for the opportunity to present new Hibuki friends for protection to small Kherson residents.