Kinder Velt
A charitable rehabilitation center offers
free Hibuki therapy.
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The method which recognized in the world
We use modern Israeli methods that have already helped thousands of children. Now it helps Ukrainian children.

Each child is an individual,

his needs may differ.

Our psychologists guarantee an individual approach

to everyone.


We started creating a center for you and your children

on the territory of Ukraine almost from the beginning

of military intervention.

About us

Hello, my name is David Roitman, I am the founder of the children's charitable rehabilitation center "Kinder Velt".
With the beginning of military intervention, our center was reoriented to help children which suffering from post-traumatic syndrome.
At "Kinder Velt" we use the most advanced techniques developed in Israel. During the long years of shelling of Israeli cities by terrorists,
a huge number of children and adults suffered psychological issues.
Israeli method

Subsequently, having assessed the most severe consequences

for the civilian population and, above all, for children, the State of Israel created centers for psychological assistance for victims of missile shellings calling "Resistance". The experience and qualifications

of these centers are currently practiced by our "Kinder Velt".

We are all responsible for each other

In this complicated wartime, we feel obligated to share the collected experiences, knowledges and practices to help Ukrainian children. We realize that they have a misssion to rebuild a free and independent post-war Ukraine.
Please contact us to make

an appointment.


A program that will help your child to cope a severe event. We will be happy to help and provide support to you!

Art therapy

Art is a universal method

that helps both adults and children to cope difficult moments of life.


If necessary, we will provide individual consultations depending on your situation. Get in touch!

Clinical psychologist
Sessions with a clinical psychologist include some physical and intellectual tasks.
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